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A metering pump, as the name suggests, pumps a metered amount of fluid into the vessel. Metering pumps are also called dosing pumps or proportional pumps. This mechanical equipment is used to supply small and accurate amounts of fluid to other vessels or fluid lines in the process. These are used to maintain a flow rate in the process.

Product Detail

Flow 1.5 to 1500LPh
Working pressure up to 20 barg
Material AISI 316, PP, PVDF liquid end and many more
Frame and pressure plate Carbon steel, epoxy painted
Type Mechanical diaphragm, Plunger, Hydraulic diaphragm, Plunger and mechanical diaphragm

At Aadiushmaa Engineers Pvt. Ltd., we distribute and supply the best quality metering pumps for industrial and commercial applications. As the leading chemical metering pump manufacturer in India, OBL manufacturers have the right expertise and team of professionals to cater to the requirements of our customers. As a trusted industrial solution provider, in our range, we offer Plunger pumps and Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering Pumps. The term metering pump’ is very generic, and the different types are based on the type of operation, application, or process they are used. The type of application decides the type of metering pump to be used.

The choice of a metering pump relies on many parameters as the thickness of the liquid, temperature, discharge pressure, flow rate, and the types of materials in contact with the liquid. The basic structure of a pump includes a pump header and motor with manual or electronic adjustment methods. Plunger pumps are used in oil refineries, food, and pharmaceutical industries. These are small and carry fewer components which leads to less cost for the equipment. A diaphragm metering pump is a more advanced pump in which a diaphragm is mechanically compressed or depressed to pull the liquid into the pumping chamber and discharge it. This movement of the diaphragm creates a suction or vacuum to pull the fluid inside using the inlet valve. If a plunger is used, then the diaphragm moves mechanically with the help of the plunger. In a hydraulically operated diaphragm metering pump, the pump is not connected to the diaphragm, which is operated by hydraulic fluid. In both operations, moving the diaphragm is an important factor for flowing the fluid. As chemical metering pumps supplier, we provide complete solutions, excellent quality, advanced technology, and a reasonable price to our customers. Any liquid can be anything from fragrances and pigments in the toiletries and food industry. Or acids and alkaline solutions used in chemical and water treatment plants. The application of metering pumps is in water treatment plants, food and beverage industries, oil and gas industries, chemical industry, and many more. Our excellent customer service and support make us the leader in metering pump suppliers.

How Does Metering Pump Work?

How the flow rate is managed determines what kind of measuring pump is needed. Regardless of the speed of the motor, a constant volume of liquid is displaced using displacement metering pumps with a preset flow rate.

Variable displacement metering pumps regulate the flow rate to deliver a fixed volume of fluid regardless of the rotational speed of the motor. This is accomplished by adjusting the duration of the stroke or eliminating the need for a certain volume of fluid.

Type Of Metering Pump

There are two types of metering pumps:

  • Electronic card-type dosing pump.
  • Mechanical-type dosing pump.

Industries We Serve

  • Food & Beverage
  • Waste -Water Treatment
  • Chemical & Petrochemical
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Thermal/Power
  • Clear & Drinking Water

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